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Dai3mimi: Tailored Hearing Solutions for Every Need

  • Dai3mimi is meticulously designed to cater to a diverse range of hearing impairments. Whether you’re experiencing mild or severe hearing loss, our technology offers a personalized solution to help you reconnect with the world of sound.

  • For those who have found their current hearing aids lacking, Dai3mimi introduces a revolutionary approach to hearing enhancement. Our advanced technology promises significant improvements, transforming your auditory experience and opening up a new realm of clarity.

  • Caring for caregivers is at the heart of Dai3mimi’s design. Our caregiver mode is thoughtfully crafted to support caregivers in their role, facilitating effective communication and care for patients with hearing and cognitive disabilities. This feature not only aids in caregiving but also enhances the overall quality of life for both caregivers and patients.


At Dai3mimi, we prioritize not just the restoration of hearing but also the comfort and well-being of our users. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect of our products contributes to an improved quality of life.

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Retail Price

Sound Guardian System 2.0



Earphone 2.0


Main Unit Di2


Remote Unit T30

Sound Caring System 1.1



Headphone 1.1


Main Unit Di2


Remote Unit T30

Key Features and Capabilities


Material Conduction Technology


Noise-Free Distant Listening

Base Unit.png

Extra-Large Button

Design for the Elderly

Poster 2.112.png

Rhythm Vibration Mechanism


Left & Right Stereo

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-26 at 00.46.24_7dbbf8e8.jpg


Easy-Charge Battery


Optimized Sound Clarity in Noisy Environments


Conversation Switching

Poster 4.1.png

Mobile Entertainment

Poster 5.1.png

Mobile Communication


Private TV Mode


Caregiver Mode


Multi-sensory stimulation training

Suitable for use in Sound Caring System 1.1

(Treatment requires joint treatment with a doctor, please contact our medical director for more details)

Practical Application Scenarios

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Hearing Loss

Versatile Solutions for Varied Hearing Requirements

Our ‘push’ hearing technology is designed to cater to a wide range of hearing impairments, from mild to severe. Unlike traditional hearing aids that amplify sound, our innovative approach actively delivers natural sounds to the user, enhancing the listening experience without distortion. This feature is particularly advantageous for seniors experiencing cognitive hearing loss, providing them with a clearer and more natural auditory environment.


Addressing Common Concerns with Current Hearing Aids

For those seeking a more satisfactory hearing solution, our products offer a compelling alternative to traditional hearing aids. Common issues that lead to dissatisfaction include:

  • High Cost: Many find the price of current hearing aids prohibitive, limiting access to this essential technology.

  • Sound Quality: Users often report subpar sound quality, with difficulty in effectively receiving sound.

  • Noise Reception: Limited ability to discern sounds in noisy environments can be frustrating and isolating.

  • Comfort: Discomfort and pain from wearing hearing aids can deter consistent use.

  • Battery Life: Frequent battery replacement due to short life spans adds to the inconvenience.

  • Complexity: The complexity of operation can be overwhelming for some users.

  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance and repair requirements can be burdensome.

  • Appearance: The medical-like appearance of hearing aids may lead to psychological discomfort for some individuals.

Our innovative approach addresses these concerns, providing a user-friendly experience that enhances both comfort and auditory performance.


Optimizing Caregiver Effectiveness

Our solution is designed to significantly improve the efficiency of caregivers, particularly in the care of elderly patients with hearing impairments, limited muscle control, dementia, and those who struggle with auditory distractions. By addressing these specific needs, our technology enables caregivers to provide more effective and compassionate care.

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Multi Sensory Training for Dementia

Innovative Clinical Solutions for Tinnitus and Dementia

In collaboration with clinical experts, we have developed specialized equipment designed to alleviate symptoms for individuals with tinnitus and dementia. Our approach incorporates a rhythmic vibration mechanism that engages in multi-sensory stimulation training. This method is grounded in clinical research and aims to enhance the quality of life for patients by providing a non-invasive, effective treatment option. It’s important to note that this treatment is part of a comprehensive care plan and should be administered under the guidance of a healthcare professional. For more detailed information or to discuss treatment options, please reach out to our medical director.

Convenient Shopping Options

Discover the ease of shopping with us online or visit your nearest local agent stores for a personalized experience. Whether you prefer the comfort of online browsing or the hands-on assistance of our local experts, we’re here to meet your needs.



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