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Our Latest Patented Sound Technology

Dai3mimi employs the most recent patented acoustic technology, featuring a distinctive material conduction system composed of a fusion of metal and plastic materials. As sound waves, whether in the form of voice or music, pass through, air particles rhythmically strike the surfaces of these materials, generating a rhythmic vibration mechanism. This mechanism directly transmits the sound waves from the device to the inner ear via the skull, bypassing the outer ear, eardrum, and middle ear - areas that are most vulnerable to infection, damage, and degeneration.

This groundbreaking method, referred to as In-Deep Sound Transmission Technology, results in significantly clearer sound reception. It is especially advantageous for hearing-impaired users, enabling them to hear effortlessly. This technology not only enhances the auditory experience but also provides a practical solution for those suffering from the torment of tinnitus and the hardships associated with dementia.

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Hearing Impairment

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Torment of Tinnitus

Hardships associated

with Dementia

Dai3mimi: A Unique Mechanism Revolutionizing Sound Technology

Experience effortless communication like never before with Dai3mimi ! No longer do you need to strain your voice or struggle to make yourself understood. Dai3mimi transforms conversations into seamless interactions. Speak in your natural tone and let Dai3mimi ensure your voice is heard clearly and distinctly.

Unlike traditional hearing aids, Dai3mimi does not amplify picked-up sounds for transmission via the eardrum, middle ear, and inner ear. Instead, Dai3mimi, equipped with our patented In-Deep Sound Transmission Technology, transmits the original sound through a unique mechanism of material conduction and vibration, directly into your ear. This results in clearer and more effortless hearing.

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Dai3mimi operates differently. Instead of amplifying sound, it transmits original sound waves, represented by a blue line, directly from the device into the inner ear through the skull. This bypasses the outer ear, eardrum, and middle ear, eliminating the risk of discomfort or pain in these areas. Dai3mimi applies our In Deep Sound Transmission Technology to redirect sound directly into your inner ear, allowing for clearer and more effortless hearing. This approach does not involve amplification, but rather a direct transmission of sound waves.

Traditional in-ear style

hearing aids work by

amplifying sound waves, which are

then transmitted to the inner ear through the eardrum and middle ear. These areas are prone to degeneration, infection, and damage. The amplified sound pressure, represented by a red line, can potentially cause discomfort or even pain in the user’s eardrum or middle ear. This process involves the device picking up sound, amplifying the incoming sound, and transmitting the amplified sound wave via the ear canal to the eardrum, then to the middle ear, and finally to the inner ear.

How Dai3mimi Works :

Dai3mimi Product Features


Hearing Assistance

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Yes !

I am using Dai3mimi.

You don't need to raise your voice while talking to me. 

Experience Clear Sound with Our Hearing Assistant Sound Output Unit !

  • No matter your level of hearing impairment, our hearing assistant sound output unit is here to improve your hearing. It’s designed for mild, moderate, and severe hearing impairments, ensuring you can enjoy all the sounds of life.

  • Our models are made to fit your needs, providing support no matter your level of hearing loss. With our hearing assistant sound output unit, you’re not just hearing better, you’re living better.

Experience Unmatched Entertainment with Our Hearing Communicator !

  • Our hearing communicator is more than a hearing device, it’s your personal entertainment hub. With Bluetooth technology, it connects to any Bluetooth device, bringing a world of sounds to your fingertips.

  • Sync your hearing communicator with your phone, tablet, or music player. Dive into your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks with crystal clear sound. Stream your chosen audio directly to your hearing communicator for an immersive sound experience, you’re not just hearing better, you’re enjoying better.

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Mobile Entertainment

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Mobile Communication

Stay Connected with Our Hearing Communicator !

  • Our hearing communicator is your key to easy communication. With Bluetooth technology, it connects to any Bluetooth device, keeping you connected always.

  • Pair your hearing communicator with your phone or tablet for clear communication. Whether making calls, in meetings, or chatting with friends, enjoy clear sound. It’s not just about hearing better, it’s about communicating better.

Experience TV Shows Like Never Before with Our Hearing Communicator !

  • Immerse yourself in a personal home theater experience with our Hearing Communicator, in conjunction with our Sound Transmitter. This innovative duo brings the sounds of your favorite TV shows and movies directly to your ears.

  • Setting up is a breeze. Simply connect the Sound Transmitter to your TV and you’re ready to dive into your favorite entertainment. This wireless solution delivers an exceptional sound experience without disturbing those around you by turning up the TV volume. Revel in your personal moments of auditory bliss.


Private TV Entertainment Mode

Left & Right Stereo

Experience Immersive Audio with Our Hearing Communicator !

  • Our Hearing Communicator is more than just a gadget. It’s like having a personal concert hall in your ears. Designed to deliver a stereo sound effect, it enriches your auditory experience, making music feel deeper and more vibrant.

  • Rediscover your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks in a whole new light. The stereo sound immerses you in the content, making you feel as if you’re at the heart of the action.

Stay Connected with Our Hearing Communicator’s Conference Mode !

  • Our Hearing Communicator, in conjunction with our Sound Transmitter, is your gateway to seamless communication. The Conference Mode feature ensures you’re always in the loop by picking up sounds from any direction you want.

  • Engage in Every Discussion! Utilize the One-2-One Mode during conference meetings to capture every word spoken, regardless of where it’s coming from. Be it a business meeting or a family dinner, our Sound Transmitter ensures you never miss a beat. With our device, you’re not just enhancing your hearing, you’re actively participating in every conversation.


Caregiver Mode

One-2-One Mode

Meet Our Hearing Communicator’s Caregiver Mode !

  • Our Hearing Communicator now features a unique Caregiver Mode. This mode employs a Rhythm Vibration Mechanism designed to alleviate tinnitus symptoms and support dementia relief through targeted brain exercises.

  • Alleviate Tinnitus: Experience tranquility as the rhythm vibrations work to soothe your tinnitus symptoms

  • Assist with Dementia: Our device incorporates brain exercises aimed at easing dementia symptoms, thereby enhancing memory and cognitive skills.

  • Aid for Elderly with Special Needs: Our device is designed with great care to address the unique needs of the elderly, especially those facing challenges with mobility and self-care. With our device, caregivers can ensure that their voice is the only one heard by the patient, enabling them to provide necessary care arrangements or training effectively.

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How Dai3mimi relieves tinnitus depression, stress, and negative moods ?

A Revolutionary Vibrotactile Device with a Conduction Sound Output System !

Dai3mimi is a wearable device that offers both sound and vibration to the user. It’s designed to alleviate the perception of tinnitus by using sound stimulation to alter neural activity in the brain, while also providing vibrotactile stimulation to the skin. This dual-function mechanism makes Dai3mimi particularly effective for music therapy, creating a more immersive and multi-sensory experience.

By offering both auditory and tactile stimulation, Dai3mimi engages multiple areas of the brain, enhancing the therapeutic effects of music. It has been shown to have a calming effect on the body, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. When combined with music, it creates a powerful therapeutic experience that can assist individuals with various physical, mental, emotional, and social issues.

Tinnitus music therapy is a method that soothes or reduces tinnitus by listening to music or sounds that are adjusted or filtered to remove or mask the frequency of the ringing noise in the ears. This therapy can help reorganize the brain’s auditory cortex, which perceives sound and is abnormally hyperactive in tinnitus patients.


Vibrotactile Mechanism to provide both Sound & vibrations Impulse.

Experience a New Wave of Relief with SoundSpa !

SoundSpa is our specially designed platform that works in harmony with the vibrotactile mechanism of Dai3mimi. This unique combination provides a revolutionary approach to alleviating the symptoms of tinnitus, depression, stress, and negative moods.

SoundSpa uses music from various nations, creating a therapeutic soundscape that soothes your senses and calms your mind. When paired with the vibrotactile stimulation from Dai3mimi, it creates a symphony of sounds that can significantly relieve your spirit.

Whether you’re dealing with the persistent ringing of Tinnitus, battling bouts of depression, or simply seeking a respite from daily pressures, SoundSpa and Dai3mimi offer a holistic approach to sound therapy. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of healing and let the power of music guide you towards tranquility.

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How can Dai3mimi help with Dementia ?

Dai3mimi is a wearable device that offers an immersive auditory experience by providing both sound and vibration to the user. The sound module of this device vibrates in sync with the input sound frequency and loudness level, enhancing the perception of sound through vibration stimulation. This mechanism stimulates neural activity in the brain and provides vibrotactile stimulation to the skin, creating a multi-sensory experience.

This unique feature of Dai3mimi is particularly beneficial for dementia patients as it allows them to not only hear but also feel the sound. This dual sensory stimulation aids in their cognitive function training through skin stimulation.

Cognitive stimulation is a widely recognized psychological intervention in dementia care. A systematic review of evidence from randomized controlled trials has consistently shown that cognitive stimulation improves cognitive function in people with dementia and is also associated with improvements in quality of life.


Kindly note that for optimal results, this function should be utilized in collaboration with clinical specialists and medical professionals. If you are a medical professional or caregiver interested in exploring the use of these functions, we invite you to contact us for a demo session. Please reach out to us via email to schedule your session.

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Product Specifications

•    Model Number
•    Speaker Type                 
•    Frequency Response
•    Sensitivity
•    Bluetooth Version 
•    Bluetooth Profiles
•    Microphone
•    Wireless Range
•    Charging Time
•    Charging Voltage
•    Continuous Play Time
•    Continuous Hearing Aid Time
•    Battery Type
•    Battery Capacity
•    Product Weight

Dai3mimi Di2 

Material Conduction Vibration 

30Hz ~ 18KHz

90dB +/- 3dB



-40dB +/- 3dB

10 meters

3 hours


10 hours

10 hours

Polymer Li-ion Battery

1000 mAH 

50 gram 

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