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Regain the joy of hearing

What is Dai3mimi ?

Dai3mimi uses the latest patented acoustic technology of material conduction system from a combined metal & plastic materials to transmit sound waves from the device into the inner ear through the skull directly, making hearing possible by bypassing the outer ear, the eardrum, and the middle ear where these areas are the most easily infected, damaged, and degenerated areas. This Neuro-hearing Technology achieves much clearer sound reception and helps hearing impaired users to hear effortlessly. Dai3mimi not only restores the hearing ability of the elderly but also provides mobile communication which enables telemedicine for hearing impaired patients. It also helps relieve symptoms such as tinnitus, depression, and dementia through its patented rhythm vibration mechanism.

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Impact of Hearing Impairment

According to the data from the World Health Organization :

Hearing Loss:

  • About 35% of people aged 65 and above experience varying degrees of hearing loss.

  • However, among those in need of assistance, only about 13% use hearing aids.

Elderly Population Worldwide:

Hearing Impairment and Cognitive Disorders:

  • A 2020 report in the authoritative medical journal “The Lancet” pointed out that hearing impairment is one of the main preventable risk factors for cognitive disorders, estimated to be the cause of 8% of cases.

Reasons for Low Adoption Rate of Hearing Aids:

  • The high cost makes them unaffordable for many people.

  • Poor sound quality, unable to effectively receive sound.

  • In noisy environments, the effectiveness of hearing aids in receiving sound is limited.

  • Discomfort and pain when wearing.

  • Short battery life, requiring frequent replacement.

  • Complicated operation, requiring regular maintenance and repair.

  • The appearance of hearing aids resembles medical equipment, which may cause psychological barriers for users, etc.


Vibrotactile Device 

Dai3mimi:Revolutionary Vibrotactile device with Material Conduction System

  • Dai3mimi is an innovative vibrotactile device equipped with an advanced material conduction sound output system, capable of providing both sound and vibration to the user. The design goal of this device is to use auditory stimuli to alter the perception of neural activity in the brain while providing skin vibrotactile stimulation to enhance the overall auditory and tactile experience.

  • Dai3mimi utilizes patented material conduction technology, combining a material conduction system made of metal and plastic, to transmit sound waves directly to the inner ear through the skull, thereby bypassing the outer ear, eardrum, and middle ear, which are the parts most susceptible to infection, damage, or degeneration. This unique acoustic technology not only provides clearer sound reception but also allows users with hearing impairment to listen more easily.

  • Unlike traditional hearing aids, Dai3mimi does not amplify picked-up sounds for transmission through the eardrum, middle ear, and inner ear. Instead, Dai3mimi is equipped with our patented In-Deep Sound Transmission Technology, which transmits the original sound directly into your ears through a unique mechanism of material conduction and vibration. This unique non-invasive sound output system brings clearer and more effortless hearing.

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Dai3mimi Material Conduction Technology

Sound Transmission Pathway

Air Transmission Pathway

Traditional Hearing aids Technology

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Revolutionizing Hearing:

Next-Generation Solutions to Traditional Aid Limitations

  • Dai3mimi represents a significant advancement in hearing aid technology. It is designed to address the common issues faced by users of traditional hearing aids, such as discomfort, noise interference, and inadequate sound quality. By incorporating cutting-edge technology, Dai3mimi offers a more natural listening experience that closely mimics the way we hear sounds in our environment.

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Award-winning Innovative Technology

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Special Award 2023

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Tap video to play music

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