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Patented Non-invasive Material Conduction Technology

Dai3mimi: A Revolutionary Vibrotactile and Media Conduction System

  • Dai3mimi stands at the forefront of auditory innovation with its cutting-edge vibrotactile technology. This device is not just a hearing aid; it’s a sensory experience that combines sound with vibration to create a more immersive auditory environment.

  • The core technology of Dai3mimi is its advanced material-conducted sound output system. This system delivers sound directly to the inner ear through the skull, bypassing the outer and middle ear. This direct transmission method is particularly beneficial for those with hearing impairments, as it provides a clearer sound reception and allows for easier listening.

  • What sets Dai3mimi apart from traditional hearing aids is its unique approach to sound delivery. Instead of amplifying sound through the conventional route, Dai3mimi employs our patented Deep Sound Transmission technology. This technology utilizes a combination of material conduction and vibration to transmit raw sound directly into the ears, resulting in a non-invasive and highly effective listening experience.

  • The device’s material conduction system, which includes both metal and plastic components, ensures that sound waves are efficiently transferred to the inner ear. This innovative design not only enhances sound clarity but also reduces the risk of infection, damage, or degeneration associated with traditional hearing aids.

Dai3mimi Material Conduction Technology

Sound Transmission Pathway

Innovative Hearing Aid Technology:

A novel material has been engineered, combining metal and plastic, to facilitate the direct transmission of sound waves through the skull to the inner ear. This design bypasses the outer ear, eardrum, and middle ear, areas prone to infection and damage. Consequently, this approach enhances sound clarity and simplifies auditory processing for individuals with hearing impairments. It is versatile, catering to a spectrum of hearing aid requirements, from mild to severe.

Our proprietary “push” hearing technology actively delivers natural sounds to the user without amplification, significantly enriching their auditory experience. This is particularly advantageous for seniors experiencing cognitive hearing loss.

Air Transmission Pathway

Traditional Hearing aids Technology

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Material Conduction Technology

Amplify the sound pressure

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Ear Drum > Middle Ear > Inner Ear

Increase Sensory Experience with Advanced Vibrotactile Technology

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Vibrotactile Technology


Dai3mimi’s innovative vibrotactile sound output system employs a rhythmic vibration mechanism to deliver a dual sensory experience. This system not only provides auditory stimulation but also tactile feedback, enhancing the user’s perception of sound. The goal is to stimulate both the auditory and somatosensory systems, thereby enriching the brain’s neural activity and amplifying the user’s awareness of their surroundings. This approach facilitates a more intuitive and effortless listening experience.

Advanced Long-Range High-Resolution Noise Cancellation Technology


Advanced Noise Cancellation for Optimal Clarity in Noisy Environments

  • In traditional hearing aids, the proximity of the speaker and microphone often leads to mutual interference and electronic noise, which can degrade the listening experience.

  • Dai3mimi’s design addresses this issue by strategically placing the speakers and microphones in separate locations, thereby eliminating mutual interference and reducing electronic noise. Additionally, our proprietary noise reduction technology is specifically engineered to minimize environmental noise and electronic interference, ensuring a cleaner and more precise auditory experience.


Seamless Long-Distance Auditory Experience

  • Traditional hearing aids often struggle with noise interference due to the close proximity of the microphone and speaker, leading to a mix of desired sounds and unwanted noise.

  • Dai3mimi’s innovative design overcomes this challenge by incorporating multiple microphones and a sophisticated noise control algorithm within both the main unit Di2 and the remote control T30. This advanced system is adept at amplifying nearby sounds while diminishing distant noises. It intelligently detects and follows target sounds, then dynamically adjusts to suppress ambient noise. This results in a clear, uninterrupted listening experience, ideal for outdoor environments where long-distance noise reduction is crucial.

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Optimized Binaural Frequency Reception with Balanced Dialogue Switching


Dai3mimi’s Binaural Technology: A Balanced Approach to Hearing

  • For individuals with unilateral hearing loss, traditional hearing aids amplify sound in the impaired ear while leaving the other ear to receive natural sounds. This creates an imbalance, leading to an uneven auditory experience that can deter users from utilizing hearing aids.

  • Dai3mimi addresses this issue with its binaural system, which ensures balanced hearing support. Unlike conventional devices that rely on amplification, Dai3mimi’s technology is designed to work without it. Users can wear the device on one or both ears, achieving a natural and balanced stereo listening experience that closely resembles the clarity of natural sounds.


Enhanced Conversation Clarity for Hearing-Impaired Individuals

  • Individuals with hearing impairments often struggle to engage in conversations in noisy settings such as restaurants or public spaces. Traditional hearing aids amplify not only the speech of a companion but also the ambient noise, which can be overwhelming and distracting. This amplification can lead to discomfort and difficulty in focusing on conversations, even when using hearing aids.

  • Dai3mimi offers a solution to this challenge with its advanced conversation switching technology. This system intelligently filters out background noise, allowing users to concentrate on the dialogue they wish to hear. By doing so, Dai3mimi provides a more comfortable and effective listening experience, enabling individuals to participate in conversations without the interference of surrounding noise.

User-Friendly External Wearable Design


Chic Wearable Tech

Earphone 2.0

A consumer-friendly aesthetic design to eliminate the feel of a medical device.



Headphone 1.1

Perfect for seniors, this easy-to-wear device is also alcohol-cleanable.

Base Unit.png

Extra-Large Button

Design for the Elderly

Designed for ease of use, this product is ideal for seniors across all age groups.

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Easy-Charge Battery

A 3-hour USB ( Type-C ) charge provides over 20 hours of continuous use.

Practical Functions Tailored for Everyday Use

Poster 4.1.png

Mobile Entertainment


Enjoy Private Time.

Poster 5.1.png

Mobile Communications


Stay connected with friends and family.



TV-Entertainment Mode


Enjoying television entertainment without causing disturbance to others.

Design with Enhanced Support for Caregivers


Enhanced Caregiver Support with Remote Control Unit T30

The T30 remote control unit is designed to provide caregivers with a seamless way to manage the main unit Di2. Upon activation, the T30 temporarily suspends all functions of the Di2, allowing caregivers to focus solely on the audio output. This feature is particularly beneficial for elderly patients who may experience involuntary muscle movements or hearing interference, as it enables caregivers to deliver clear and uninterrupted audio support. The caregiver control mode ensures that patients receive attentive care, tailored to their specific needs, enhancing their overall listening experience.


Innovative Clinical Solutions for Tinnitus and Dementia

In collaboration with clinical experts, we have developed specialized equipment designed to alleviate symptoms for individuals with tinnitus and dementia. Our approach incorporates a rhythmic vibration mechanism that engages in multi-sensory stimulation training. This method is grounded in clinical research and aims to enhance the quality of life for patients by providing a non-invasive, effective treatment option. It’s important to note that this treatment is part of a comprehensive care plan and should be administered under the guidance of a healthcare professional. For more detailed information or to discuss treatment options, please reach out to our medical director.

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Multi-Sensory Training

Evaluating the Advancements: New Generation Hearing Aid Technology vs. Traditional Devices

Tap video to play music

Tap video to play music

  • Dai3mimi’s material conduction hearing aids are at the forefront of auditory technology, featuring a membrane composed of a novel hybrid material that combines plastic and metal. This innovative material is engineered to produce sound through vibration, enabling users to perceive a full spectrum of frequencies: high, medium, and low, with exceptional clarity and comfort.

  • Unlike traditional in-ear hearing aids, which amplify external sounds uniformly and can make it challenging to discern the source of a sound, Dai3mimi’s material conduction technology achieves a nuanced stereo effect. It allows for the differentiation between near, medium, and distant sounds, providing hearing-impaired individuals with the ability to clearly distinguish background noises and speech, akin to the experience of those with normal hearing.

  • This technology sets Dai3mimi apart from bone conduction headphones, which are typically designed for consumers with normal hearing. The medium conduction hearing aids cater specifically to the unique auditory needs of individuals with hearing impairments. The materials and technologies employed in Dai3mimi’s devices are tailored to address these needs effectively.

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