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We're here and we will always be here for you :)

我們將一直在這里為您服務 :)

To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.



Tech2Care Team

Take our free 10-minute question-based hearing test! It will help you make an informed decision on treating your hearing loss.


參加我們的 10 分鐘免費聽力測試問卷調查!將幫助您在治療聽力損失方面做出明智的決定。


Send us your name and contact phone number, we will call to guide you through the questionnaire.   將您的姓名和聯繫電話發送給我們,我們將致電指導您完成問卷調查。

Please contact me.  請聯繫我。

We will call you soon. 我們會盡快給您打電話。

If you are suffering from either tinnitus, depression, or dementia. Please let us help you to relieve your suffering. Let us know the right time and we will call you.  


如果您患有耳鳴、抑鬱症或認知障礙症。 請讓我們幫助您減輕痛苦。 讓我們知道合適的時間,我們會打電話給您。

Please contact me.  請聯繫我。

We will call you soon. 我們會盡快給您打電話。

 SoundSpa Platform

Sound therapy platform for tinnitus, depression & dementia.

​針對耳鳴 抑鬱和認知障礙症的音樂治療平台


Hong Kong: + 852 - 2344 7203

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