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Sound therapy platform for tinnitus, depression & dementia.

​針對耳鳴 抑鬱和認知障礙症的音樂治療平台

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Dementia and Sound Therapy


" 我想不出其他疾病有如此迫切的需要創新 "

陳馮富珍 l  世界衛生組織總幹事


Support and cooperate association


Dementia is a costly condition in its social, economic, and health dimensions. Interventions that could merely delay the onset of dementia by 1 year would lead to an additional >10% drop in the global prevalence of dementia by 2050. The global societal cost of dementia in 2019 was US$1.3 trillion & will be at an estimated US$2.8 trillion in 2030.

In HK, more than 300,000 people are projected to suffer from dementia by 2039.

認知障礙症在社會、經濟和健康方面是一種代價高昂的疾病。 到 2050 年,能將癡呆症發作延遲僅1年的干預措施,將能夠導致全球認知障礙症患病率再下降 10% 以上。認知障礙症的全球社會成本在2019 年為 1.3 萬億美元,預計 2030 年將達到 2.8 萬億美元。

在香港,預計到 2039 年將有超過 300,000人患有認知障礙症。

Sound Therapy can bring remarkable improvement to the lives of dementia sufferers and their caregivers. 


Dementia is the loss of memory, attention, and cognitive ability due to progressive brain damage or deterioration, often associated with aging. It is not a specific disease but is a general term describing the loss of memory and thinking skills required for everyday life. Dementia can be caused by a series of small strokes, or by Alzheimer’s, a degenerative disease in which brain tissue gradually shrinks.

Sound Therapy can be very helpful by directly stimulating brain function at the vibrational level. It is known that mental performance and memory can be improved through brain stimulation and Sound Therapy is one of the easiest ways to provide this stimulation.

Sound Therapy is extensively used by older people undergoing various forms of health crises or degeneration. It may bring solace and comfort, a sense of inner calm, deeper sleep, and often better mental balance, awareness, and focus.

Music activates different parts of the brain to speak normally. It is so effective to activate many different brain centers and provides the greatest opportunity for overall performance improvement.

It is very important to introduce Sound Therapy early on before the symptoms of dementia become severe. In the early stages of dementia, Sound Therapy devices can be introduced with ease, to be worn during the day or while sleeping. It may give the patient an immediate sense of relief and inner connection and balance. Sound Therapy may delay the progress of dementia and make life more pleasant and manageable for both the patient and their caregivers.

Applying our patented conduction sound technology, the sound module of Dai3mimi vibrates according to the rhythm of the sound source, and these vibration pulses greatly increase the perception of the sound input. Users are able to feel the sound even if they are hearing impaired. 

We understand the importance of having the right device to support your loved ones to reduce their suffering, especially when dealing with a progressive, degenerative condition. Combining the Rhythm Vibration Technology and the Sound Therapy platform ( SoundSpa ), we provide you with an innovative solution platform. 











Dai3mimi 採用的傳導聲音技術已獲專利,其聲音模塊根據聲源的節奏振動,振動脈衝能大大增強佩戴者對輸入聲音的感知。即使聽力受損,佩戴者也能感知到聲音。


給自己的至愛選擇合適的設備去減輕他們的痛苦至為重要,尤其是在面對退化性疾病時,此點我們非常了解。我們結合節奏振動技術 ( Rhythm Vibration Technology ) 和聲音治療平台(SoundSpa),為您提供一個創新的解決方案平台。

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